For The Broken-Hearted

For the broken-hearted
Mine was broken for you
For those who have wept
I have wept with you

When your mind is reeling
Know that I stay true
My arms are clasped around you
My love it stays with you

Don’t feel the need to pretend
Just come close, I’ll hold your hand
I’ll wipe your tears and make you whole
Just rest and know… I’m here

Lift up your eyes and look to Me
Find tenderness, your Daddy’s here
Don’t worry now, keep trusting Me
Just rest and know… I’m here

I wrote this song in the midst of some broken-heartedness in my life. But through it all, God has still been good to me. I can’t explain the full range of what I’ve learned or felt thus far, but I pray that God will use it all, and bring them back to memory when I need to remember. This song was written for the broken-hearted, from our tender Daddy. We’ll always be His darling children. And He’s here with us – always has, still is and always will.


How High, How Deep, How Wide (Is Your Love For Me)

You take me higher
Higher than the sky will ever reach
You take me deeper
To explore your love for me
You take me wider
From the west into the east
How high, how deep, how wide
Is Your love for me

You take me higher
You’re the wind that lifts me up
You take me deeper
You’re the treasure of the sea
You take me wider
You’re the wings that shelter me
How high, how deep, how wide
Is Your love for me

Higher, Your love covered my sin
Deeper, were the wounds of Calvary
Wider, were your arms stretched out for me
How high, how deep, how wide is Your love for me

This is based on that verse in Ephesians 3:18 where Paul tries to convey the immeasurability of God’s love to us in Jesus Christ. I tried to by as lyrical as possible in this song – painting for myself just how high, how deep and how wide is God’s love for me. My favourite lines are the last four – God’s love was demonstrated most clearly on the Cross.

You Are God

Holy, worthy
Honored and praised
Ancient of Days

Mighty, Incarnate
Atonement for me
Lamb of Calvary

Heaven and Earth testify Your ways
All of Creation gives You Your praise

We’re crying Gl–o-ry
We’re singing Ho-o-nor
Crying Worthy, Jehovah Lord
You are God.

This is one of my songs that actually saw the light of day. I managed to use it in a worship service at a church one Sunday.

Copyright © July 5, 1998, Wong Giok Leigh. All rights reserved.

Bone Of My Bone, Flesh Of My Flesh

(Based on Genesis 2:23)

Walking down the Garden one day
God said to Man
You need some help my friend
Let me give you a hand
So He made man sleep
And performed surgery
And when man awoke
He gasped!… and then he spoke

(He said)

Bone of my bone
Flesh of my flesh
You shall be called, ‘Wo-oh-man’
You’ll be bone of my bone
And flesh of my flesh
You shall be called…

One of the many blessings of God
One of His curses too
They will make you happy or sad
It’s up to you
If you feed her well
And you treat her nice
There’ll be harmony
In this family

(Then she’ll be)


Condominium, credit card
Cold hard cash
Big automatic car
Or a Mercedes Benz
If you give her these
She will give you peace
Then you’ll have a say
For just one more day


This was written during a very interesting semester at a Bible school that I was attending for a while. I wrote it along with a good friend who is getting married in September this year (2002). I’m sure he’ll tell his wife that this is just an example of the folly of youth. I added the first verse later, as I thought it would be nice to set up the background for the song. It just goes to show that Christians (or at least, some of us) can have a (warped) sense of humour sometimes!

Copyright © May 16, 1998, Wong Giok Leigh and Bryan Mak Wai Toh. All rights reserved.


(Based on the poem with the same title)

I was walking lost, alone and aimlessly
(‘till You found me)
You said, “Come and follow Me, let Me lead you on
(Just watch and see)
I will always be your Faithful Guide
Lead you through life’s troubles, always by your side”

“Two sets of footprints you will always see
Two sets of footprints you will always find
Two sets of footprints as you walk the road of life
Two sets of footprints as I walk along your side”

So I went through life trusting You were there
Sometimes running, sometimes falling, sometimes crawling
(Weeping on my knees)
When times were hard and I was all alone
I think of You, Lord and what You’ve let me known:

Two sets of footprints I will always see
Two sets of footprints I will always find
Two sets of footprints as I walk the road of life
Two sets of footprints as You walk along my side

Now I stand before Your holy throne, O Lord
(and gaze upon my life)
I see the times when it was hard and when I was weak,
(then tears well in my eyes)
one set of footprints was all that I could see
Where did You go, Lord? Why did You abandon me?

Then You came and stood beside me and You said
(“Look carefully”)
“Those single set of footprints that you see
(They belong to Me)
In times of trouble, when you were on your knees
I carried you through, My child don’t you see?”

“Two sets of footprints you will always see
Two sets of footprints you will always find
Two sets of footprints as you walk the road of life
One set of footprints as I carry you My child”

I wrote this song based on the poem of the same title. I think the message behind the poem and the song is very touching – in our toughest times when God seems far is when He is closest. So close, sometimes we don’t even realise that He is carrying us.

I Want To Worship You

You who comfort all who sigh
You who can understand a newborn baby’s cry
You who created us for Your pleasure
Out of Your love that has no measure
I want to worship You

You who died upon the cross
You who came down to seek and save the lost
You who came down to show us the way
Bled and died that we need not pay
I want to worship You

I want to worship the God who is Love
I want to walk with You high up above
I want to sing and I want to dance with You
I want to worship You

You who became our Righteousness
You who released us from Satan’s curse
You who came down to be one of us
Called us to love as You have loved us first
I want to worship You

But sometimes when I worship all I do is sing
Lift up my hands; pretend I’m worshiping
I want to mean it deep down from my heart
O let me worship straight down from m heart
Please let this song be sincere and true
I want to worship You

And when I stand before the Throne
I will be counted as one of Your own
Then I will lift my voice, out loud will I sing
Hallelujah! Praise be to God my King
I will be worshiping You!

This is the first song I ever wrote and it still holds a special place in my heart.

Copyright© February 16, 1997, Wong Giok Leigh. All Rights Reserved

The Birthday Of Our King (Happy Birthday Jesus!)

Happy Birthday to You!
Happy Birthday to You!
Happy Birthday, Lord Jesus!
Happy Birthday to You!

Once a year we gather ‘round the Christmas tree
Celebrating Christmas with our friends and family
Not knowing nearly two thousand years ago
This is the Birthday of our King!

On the night of Christmas God became a man
To bring back man and God together once again
The angels sang out, “Good tidings we bring”
“This is the Birthday of our King!”

So bring out your presents let us celebrate
The greatest Gift of all is given to us this day
Sing, shout and clap your hands, rejoicing in His name!
This is the Birthday of our King!

I had originally intended this song for Christmas, and for kids (a more ‘fun’ song to sing – beside the usual carols). But one Christmas, it was presented in church and it took off from there! It became a hit carol that is still sung even today! That still surprises me. Still, I am glad that it has blessed this many people so far. And yes… the chorus is sung in the same tune as the ‘birthday’ song we usually sing around the cake. It would make sense to do so, wouldn’t it? After all, it is the Birthday of our King!

Copyright © November 4, 1996, Wong Giok Leigh. All Rights Reserved.