A Hymn To Procrastination

So here I sit all but alone
Facing the computer screen all on my own
I should be asleep, it’s getting so late
This is what you get when you procrastinate

Goofing off when I should have worked
Fooling around when I should have slaved
Is this my punishment? Is this my fate?
It this what happens when I procrastinate?

But lo, I cannot help it, ‘tis surely was fun
When I had loads of work that I had left undone
Instead of diligence, instead of haste
I chose, instead, to procrastinate

I watched the telly, I slept in my bed
I went online and idly chatted
And still my work was left undone
But, what the heck, I was having fun!

Still, I hope to learn this lesson well
That procrastination can make my life hell
I shall resolve never to procrastinate
But, hrmm… I think that can just wait.

I really should be doing a final paper, rewriting another final paper and studying for a final exam. Instead, I do this. Damn.

Copyright © Wong Giok Leigh, 26 April 2003, 12:46pm. All Rights Reserved.


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