I Love My Aunts And Uncles

I love my aunts and uncles
I truly, really do
I write this on my own volition
I swear that it’s all true

They have always loved me
Even from a babe
That when they first laid eyes on me
Their mouths were left agape

Echoing my father
Together, with such a hoot,
“Why is his head so shaped like that?”
Though it just came out, “How… cute!”

I know they always adored me
In such very loving ways
With every sarcastic barb they’d throw
I’d learn new things to say

Everything I did was “adorable”
It was done with such an ease
In the way I’d order three-course meals
And my feeble Cantonese

Now things have slowed down just a bit
It’s not that they’re getting old
But since they’ve had their own kids
They’re just not quite as bold!

These are beloved aunts and uncles
Growing up was such a blast
It’s just like graduating from Shaolin
Facing the Twelve Mighty Men of Brass

I love my aunts and uncles
And now I’ve had my say
This has helped my therapy
Maybe now the bad dreams will go away


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