For The Broken-Hearted

For the broken-hearted
Mine was broken for you
For those who have wept
I have wept with you

When your mind is reeling
Know that I stay true
My arms are clasped around you
My love it stays with you

Don’t feel the need to pretend
Just come close, I’ll hold your hand
I’ll wipe your tears and make you whole
Just rest and know… I’m here

Lift up your eyes and look to Me
Find tenderness, your Daddy’s here
Don’t worry now, keep trusting Me
Just rest and know… I’m here

I wrote this song in the midst of some broken-heartedness in my life. But through it all, God has still been good to me. I can’t explain the full range of what I’ve learned or felt thus far, but I pray that God will use it all, and bring them back to memory when I need to remember. This song was written for the broken-hearted, from our tender Daddy. We’ll always be His darling children. And He’s here with us – always has, still is and always will.


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