What now? – After September 11th 2001

In light of the tragic events that have unfolded in New York City and Washington DC – what must be done now? Evil – especially moral evil – is not new in the world. The only thing that seems to have changed is its escalating occurrance and descending depravity. There is much evil in the world. Will we solve it before Jesus returns? No. It seems futile to even begin to imagine ways in which we can seek to overcome evil in the world. And yet, neither do we have the option of remaining silent and still. As Christians, we cannot stand by the side – huddled together in our own little private clubs, thumbing down our noses at the heathens who suffer ‘the just reward of their sins’. We must huddle – but to take action! Prayer, despite what many of us seem to believe, is not a comforting, but futile last resort. It is that which moves the hand of God. But beyond that, we must translate our faith into practical action as well – DO something! For those who can, deeds like sending aid materials and money will be an option. Donating blood to the many hoospitals that have been swamped will be another option. But above all, standing strong and giving hope to a hopeless world will be an option that no Christian should disregard. We pray for the Kingdom of God to come – established on earth as it is in heaven. Funny how Jesus said that the citizens of the Kingdom are known by their love, that they will be lights of the world and salts of the earth. Being there, and doing what they were supposed to do. That’s how the Kingdom will come. Let’s give them some light, and point them to Hope.

But for us Christians – We have been forewarned. At the risk of sounding like a lunatic, I have to say that we have already been told of many such occurrences in the Bible. “In the last days”. We will be seeing more of these signs in these days. Matthew 24 seems to put out a list of ‘signs’ of the Times. I hate sounding like a lunatic. I hate writing these words. It seems so backwards and empty to say all this in the light of the emotional tragedy that has just occurred. I have tried to run away from all this – what has been called ‘Fundamentalist Christianity’, the kind that we make fun of. But I can’t anymore. Maybe it has been for deaf ears like mine that God seems to use such drastic events like this to catch my attention. Maybe it’s time I stop running from God. To face up the truth and tell myself – There is a God. Time will come to an end. Warning signs are up, and it’s time to step off my Ivory Tower of Self, and bow my knee to The Awesome God.

Maybe it’s time to just tell it like it is, before there isn’t any more time.

September 11, 2001


May God bless those who have perished, their loved ones and the nation of America.
No human being, no people, ‘deserves’ anything like this.
May you all know His peace and His grace.


I wrote this after the terrible atrocity that unfolded in New York City and Washington DC. Being a citizen of the world, I too was affected by the events that occurred. Being a citizen of the Kingdom of God, I also couldn’t turn a deaf ear to the groanings of a world longing for Jesus to return. I hope I do not offend anyone with this article – for it was never my intention to. It is a humble reminder to me to treasure the Peace that I find in my life and a reminder of Hope of things to come. – Wong Giok Leigh, Wednesday, 12 September 2001.


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