The Impact Of Prayer

Do we pray? Of course we do! I do doubt that any Christian has not prayed before, but my question is, “Do we realise the impact of our prayers?” What happens when we pray? I’d like to share with you just three points about what happens when we pray.

Prayer Invites Power

When we pray, God’s omnipotence transcends space and time, extending from the throne of heaven, and houses itself in our frail and feeble selves. It is by this power that mountains are removed, provisions are met and lives are changed for eternity. The prophet Zechariah simply puts it as, “Not by might, nor by power, but by my Spirit, says the LORD Almighty”. Dick Eastman in ‘No Easy Road’ describes prayer as “The highest order of business, for it links powerless humans to the creative force of God’s sovereign power”.

Prayer Ignites Potential

In the science of physics, there is a form of energy simply known as ‘potential energy’. Potential energy, like its namesake simply describes the energy that is about to happen. It’s like when you compress a spring coil – once it is compressed, it is just waiting to bounce back! There is potential energy – energy waiting to go ‘Boing!’.

Likewise, in all things under heaven and earth, there is a potential for God to work for His glory. When we pray, this potential is ignited by the spark of prayer, causing the supernatural to invade the natural bringing about a metamorphosis – transforming the dreary situation of a caterpillar into a burst of colour, painted on the canvas of wings so fragile, that flutters into the sky resounding God’s glory.

Prayer Involves Permission

One pastor put it as this, “Prayer is giving God the moral right to intervene”. I am reminded that Satan is also known as the ‘Accuser of the Brethren’. He is constantly accusing the believers. Satan stands before the Almighty, heckling God for forcing His way in the realm of the natural.

God is ever the gentlemen. Though He longs and aches to have His way, the gift He gave us to be free moral agents often times hold Him back. That is why Jesus teaches us to include “Let Your Kingdom come and Your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven” in His model of prayer to us. That is why we pray the sinner’s prayer: to give God the moral right to intervene in our affairs. Satan is silenced because of our choice to yield to God.

So, I hope that this brief word has challenged us to realise what prayer can be. It is so much more than the few sentences we mutter before eating (although that’s good – it’s the attitude of Gratitude).

It can turn nations around. It can affect a life for eternity. There are still people, places and nations who don’t know what it means to have Jesus as Saviour, Lord, and most of all, Friend. Won’t you pray?

Actually, this was supposed to be my first assignment for my college Public Speaking class. However, when I realised that it was an introductory assignment (not even to be graded) I realised that this was going to be too heavy so I went with something else. At any rate, the point still remains: prayer is at the core of our Christian lives.

Copyright © January 20, 1999, Wong Giok Leigh. All Rights Reserved.


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