Bone Of My Bone, Flesh Of My Flesh

(Based on Genesis 2:23)

Walking down the Garden one day
God said to Man
You need some help my friend
Let me give you a hand
So He made man sleep
And performed surgery
And when man awoke
He gasped!… and then he spoke

(He said)

Bone of my bone
Flesh of my flesh
You shall be called, ‘Wo-oh-man’
You’ll be bone of my bone
And flesh of my flesh
You shall be called…

One of the many blessings of God
One of His curses too
They will make you happy or sad
It’s up to you
If you feed her well
And you treat her nice
There’ll be harmony
In this family

(Then she’ll be)


Condominium, credit card
Cold hard cash
Big automatic car
Or a Mercedes Benz
If you give her these
She will give you peace
Then you’ll have a say
For just one more day


This was written during a very interesting semester at a Bible school that I was attending for a while. I wrote it along with a good friend who is getting married in September this year (2002). I’m sure he’ll tell his wife that this is just an example of the folly of youth. I added the first verse later, as I thought it would be nice to set up the background for the song. It just goes to show that Christians (or at least, some of us) can have a (warped) sense of humour sometimes!

Copyright © May 16, 1998, Wong Giok Leigh and Bryan Mak Wai Toh. All rights reserved.


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