Standing Between The Living And The Dead

Scripture Reference: Numbers Chapter 16

*Before you read this, I sincerely encourage you to open your Bibles and read the Book of Numbers chapter sixteen. Read, then pray for illumination, OK? Thanks!

Ever felt that you were alone? That you were not really a significant person in a group or committee? Have you ever thought that your presence, be it in the school Christian Fellowship or a prayer meeting, was not really important? After all, it’s only ONE person right? There will always be the ‘terror’ Christians there, right? Well, lets see about that.

In Numbers 16 (that is the Book of Numbers in the Bible, not number sixteen! Duh!), we see that the entire Israelite community rose up against Moses and Aaron and indirectly; God. Why did they do this? Well, the three ‘ambitious’ leaders; Korah, Dathan and Abiram as well as 250 community leaders had misled them. These people were punished for their blatant claims and wrongdoing. The Israelites thought that this was wrong of Moses and Aaron and they openly declared it. This angered the Lord. So what happened?

God sent a plague throughout the Israelites and from one end of the Israelites, people started dropping like flies. They were dying. One by one. At the sight of this, Moses called out to Aaron to take his (Aaron’s, not Moses’) censer, put incense into it, light it and make atonement for their people. Aaron was, at this point, a REALLY OLD man. When I say old, I mean OLD! Yet as old as he was, he RAN for his people who were dying for their sins. He ran and got his censer, lighted incense and ran back to the Israelites. This old guy had to run from the community to the Tent of Meeting and back to the community again. Then he ran into the middle of the community to make atonement for them. This guy had to run into a crowd of 2,000,000 panicky Israelites. And where he stood; the plague stopped. He stood between the living and the dead, and the plague stopped. (Num. 16:48). Where he stood, 14,700 people had already died. The plague stopped where Aaron made atonement for his people. He, as sinful as he was in the past, as weak as he thought he was, as old and used up or useless as people thought he was, stood between the living and the dead. He was old. He was physically weak. He was scared. His people were dying. He made atonement for them. Where one man stood, the plague and the death stopped. This is the power of ONE MAN with love and compassion for his people. This is ONE MAN standing between the living and the dead.

Take a good look around us today. People are turning against God and are outrightly and publicly doing it. Sex and violence are glorified. Youths are lost to the prince of this world. People are turning against God very openly today. People are dying. They are dropping one by one to Satan. Everyday someone is dying in his sin. Where you stand, where you make atonement for your people, your parent, relatives, friends…there shall the plague stop. Your attendance in a prayer meet is indeed significant. Each week as you come for weekly youth meetings, when you worship, play games, bible study, pray… you are interceding for your community. How? People walking by the church will see. Your friends will know that you spend each Saturday at the church compound having fun with other youths. They will know. Then, they will want to find out about it…

When you attend your school Christian Fellowship, when you worship, when you pray for your school mates… you are standing between the living and the dead. At your workplace, when you just hum a gospel song, attend a lunch fellowship, pray for the guy who borrows your pen every day… you stand between the living and the dead. When you keep your words clean and your actions pure, in every thing that you do as the Light of the World, you stand between those who will live eternally in heaven and those who will die in Hell.

You, and I mean YOU are very important. Where you stand will mark where the living and the dead are. Attending a simple prayer meet, being good at home or in school, praying at night for your neighbor or your friend… The whole thing lies with YOU. YOU and nobody else. Stand in the gap. Intercede and make a stand. A stand between the living and the dead.

God bless you all, Ambassadors of God.

Hope you guys and gals get what I mean here. The world is a cruddy place; people are dying one by one by the plague of sin. Reach out to them because you CARE… that’s what Aaron did. God did not command him to; it was the need that was the call. Reach out because you love the people, not just because it is a church program, youth outreach activity, demanded statute of Christianity or of an upcoming Easter/Christmas program (all important, but without love becomes an empty barrel and a resounding gong). Do it because YOU CARE. That’s what God is all about.

Lots of love people.

I actually heard this message shared by a friend of mine. The lesson behind it struck me very strongly, so I took it to heart and passed it on to others. This was written when I was still in high school… Man, was I ever that young?


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