There Is No God…?

There is no God. The existence of God is a farce. There is no Supreme Being that would love us, hold us and take care of us as the frail, fragile and lost beings that we are.

I was at a hawker stall the other day and this particular subject cropped up between my fellow tea-drinkers and myself. I thought it was a pretty interesting situation, actually. You see, no other subject has been more debated over and occasionally, condemned in intellectual circles by the most intelligent of minds (Which is actually interesting considering these people do not believe in God’s existence yet spend most of their time discussing it!). And yet, it was quite interesting to hear my friends discuss the issue of the existence of God.

One of my friends was relating about an incident where he and a few friends of his decided to take a bite after classes at the university. So, he hopped into a friend’s car and they all bundled along to the destination agreed upon. While in the car, the question of the existence of God (Oh look! There they go again!) came up again and his friends were nicely disclaiming the idea when suddenly they saw an oncoming car, headed towards them. The driver of the car, who had been vigorously arguing against the existence of God, sharply swerved the car and cried out “Oh God!!!!!”. Hmm….there is no God? Let us see.

Consider all the wonders around us. They are purely coincidental and accidental. The earth just decided to place itself 93 million miles from the sun without the intervention of an Almighty plan. Even though, at any closer and we’d be burned to a crisp or any farther and we’d freeze to death. Everyday, the atmosphere protects us from as many as 20 million meteors travelling at the speed of 30 million miles per second, but that’s just a fortunate coincidence. The combination of oxygen and nitrogen in the atmosphere is just right to support life, and this occurs here only with, of course, no specific design in mind. The moon, 240,000 miles from the earth, controls the tides of the earth, which drag the impurities of the earth to the depths of the sea, making it possible for nature’s very own recycling chain. If the moon were placed even a fifth of its present distance, the continents would be submerged twice a day! Who’s design is all this?

The alveoli in our lungs will reject carbon dioxide but take in oxygen from the air that would be ferried through our bloodstream so that we might continue living. How does it know one from the other? The human eye, equipped with automatic aiming, focus and aperture adjustment is able to function from almost complete darkness to bright light, see an object the diameter of fine hair and altogether, make about 10,000 separate motions a day. In our slumber, it even carries out its own maintenance. How did our body acquire the right commands to do these things?

Heard of the bombardier beetle? It is a beetle insect that protects it self from predators by causing a violent explosion in the face of its would be attacker. To accomplish this, it mixes and stores a complicated and dangerous chemical cocktail of hydroquinine, hydrogen peroxide, an inhibitor and an anti-inhibitor. It is essential that each and every chemical is present, otherwise the result would either be perfectly harmless or kill the beetle itself. That would not be too good either way, would it? By adding the correct combination at the precise moment, the beetle creates an explosion, which, at 212°F, is more than sufficient to scare off any potential predator. Who showed this beetle how to safely mix and store these chemicals without blowing itself off the face of the earth?

Then there is also the Egyptian plover, a kind of bird, which would boldly walk into the mouth of a Nile River crocodile to clean out the parasites in the crocodile’s mouth. Who taught this bird to deny its own instincts of self-preservation and instead undertake what would seem to be a suicidal act? Who taught the crocodile to resist the temptation of a free meal and instead allow the bird to walk away with all its members intact?

Who showed the lesser white-throated warblers how to navigate thousands of miles of unfamiliar land from Germany, just to join their parents in Africa? Despite the fact that migratory instincts are useless unless perfect, are we to assume and believe that for years, thousands of these birds have been flying aimlessly lost, trying to find the correct way until they finally evolved these instincts?

Who taught the seeds to bury themselves, dead to the world, and later emerge as trees big and strong? Whose design is it that a caterpillar would know how to hide themselves in cocoons until the time is right to present itself as a beautiful butterfly to the world?

Who showed the complex deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) molecule the arrangement of the human body for 206 bones, 600 muscles, 10,000 auditory nerve fibers, 2 million optic nerve fibers, 100 billion nerve cells, 400 billion feet of blood capillaries and veins and more?

The human heart beats continually for 70 to 80 years without faltering. How does it get sufficient rest in between beats? Who gave the human tongue the flexibility to form words, and a brain to understand them, yet denied this to other animals?

Who showed a womb to take the love of two people and keep splitting a tiny zygote until, in time, a baby would have all the proper number of digits on each hand and foot, eyes and hair at the right places, and come into the world when it is strong enough to sustain itself?

There is no God?

Yeah, right.

This was an assignment I did for my Introduction to Mass Communication Class. It was an assignment in feature writing – so we were given a free range of topics. I have to give credit to my friend Stephen Cheong, whose article in his high school magazine inspired my own article. I still find it amazing that there is such intricate design in this universe. It’s still hard for me to look up to the heavens and say “There is no God”.

Copyright © August 1997, Wong Giok Leigh. All Rights Reserved.


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