The Greatest Crime Of All

Nobody move…a crime has been committed! Not just any ordinary crime, but one of cold, malicious, calculating hatred. One in which, a man has been murdered. Murder…. the taking of life with malicious intent. The man had come in peace, he bore no ill will, he had come with great gifts for the community he was placed with…most of all, he was INNOCENT. Yet, this nice man who had been so good with the kids, so loving towards all, especially the poor, needy and handicapped, who was so popular with the community was cruelly tortured, ridiculed and sentenced to death! He was not given a fair trial and he was executed the next day! However, the trial that followed was even greater…. for the fate of the community lay in the outcome of the trial…

In the highest of courts known to man, a case was filed. The prosecution had called for justice to be served! Stacks of evidence had been piled against the defense and it culminated with the charge: Murder in the first degree. This is the case of the Hosts of Heaven versus the entire human race. The prosecution was the entire host of heaven… angels, archangels, cherubim, seraphim… and they were led by Archangel Michael. The defendants were the human race…seeped in sin and reeked of the murder committed most foul. Reigning over as judge was the Most High Jehovah, God the Father.

The prosecution built its case. The chief prosecutor Michael stood up. He accused the defendants guilty of murder…in the first degree! Evidence was piled against the defendants. Michael showed the court how the human race was sinful to its core and that humans were full of evil…. he called his first witness for the prosecution: Mary, the mother of Jesus. She knew, even when everyone else could have forgotten, that Jesus was virgin birthed. She described Jesus as one who was full of love and compassion, always stopping for anyone and everyone. “Jesus loved the children, the people… everybody!” she declared. “And yet, to the very community He gave so much, He was spurned and scorned, tortured and ridiculed, crucified and killed!” Mary broke down. Michael called on his second witness, those who had experienced Jesus’ power during His ministry on earth…the many whom he had healed, set free and ministered to. They testified that Jesus was always loving, kind and gentle. He always stopped to heal and to give them life in a much better way than they had ever known. The lepers testified that Jesus would touch them even when no one else would, and they were always healed! The blind told of how they were healed, one by one saying that Jesus always stopped for them and later they would be able to see! The sick had called out to His name and later to find themselves alive and well again! Those who were dead testified that they were alive and walking again, thanks to Jesus! Adulterers, the demon-possessed…all told of Jesus’ love and compassion for them and how He forgave them….

The third witness was called: the testimony of heaven. Michael asked that the record of Jesus be made known to the courts; from the time that He was born to the time of the murder. The records show that Jesus was born supernaturally of Mary and grew up as one of the people. He even grew up as one favored by God and men. All His life He had been blameless, without sin. Not once did sin come to His mind. Before God, He was seen as righteous, before men He was seen as pious. He was given power divine that He may heal, set-free and even forgive. He was Jesus, the Holy and Anointed One. And yet, even with all this, men hated Him. People spat in His face. He was cruelly beaten, flogged and tortured. It culminated in trading Him, the Holy One…. proven by the testimonies of the people and of heaven, for a criminal… a murderer no less. And yet, in all this, Jesus had kept silent, never saying much unless it was necessary. All this while, He had still maintained to be holy… and still meek, humble and silent before His persecutors. Not even once did He speak out for His own defense. He was as silent as a lamb before the slaughter. Even during His trial, with all the screaming and yelling, pointing, accusing fingers and a High-Priest who wanted Jesus convicted over anything else, He was there…still as innocent and as blameless as He will always be. The world sold out the Prince of Glory for a common, evil criminal. Even one of His chosen had sold him out for a mere 30 pieces of silver and yet another denied Him even though He had shared His time and ministry with them.

And now, Michael brought out the most damning of evidence before the court…. one that offered irrefutable evidence that a foul, wanton murder had been committed and that the murderer was obvious. Michael pointed out that the Blood of Jesus had been upon every member of the human race…everyone! Every soul that had been born since was covered in the blood of the murdered. Even Mary, the 12 disciples, to the youngest child from the oldest people; every one of them was covered in blood. The evidence was irrefutable. A murder has been committed. A foul murder of the Most High of Heaven and of Earth; the Prince of Peace. And His blood was all over His murderers; every human being on earth since.

At this, the whole host of heaven cried out to the judge for justice. Michael’s face was full of pain knowing that His creator, the Beloved of God the Father, had been killed by those whom He loved. Michael remembered the day when it was announced that Jesus had gone to earth. He remembered how Heaven erupted in great rejoicing when the King of Kings and Lord of Lord was born. He remembered being mildly surprised when He was born in a manger but nevertheless, he joined his fellow angels praising God….he remembered the fateful day when the rejoicing turned to shock and then to a cry for justice when Jesus was seen crucified and killed. He remembers how the angels were poised and ready to soar down and snatch Jesus away and to punish the human race at the signal of the Father. And yet, nothing was done. And now, it culminated in this trial.

With a wave of His hand, the Judge silenced the court. He then asked if the defense had anything to say for itself. The court was silent. Who could say or prove anything? The evidence and the case were clearly against the defense, and they can’t even say anything about it. Why? Because it was all true! The defense bowed down their heads and couldn’t reply. The judge looked at the defense with compassion but then turned to Michael asking him for a summary.

The archangel stood up and began his closing before the company of heaven. He recalled how man had been steeped in their sin, with each generation born in iniquity and sinned even greater than their forefathers- a generational degeneration.. they were full of evil. He then recalled how Jesus had made the choice to step down from glory to save His people and that as He started His ministry, the number of people who had a touch from God. Jesus healed, blessed, restored….He performed many miracles in their sight, many healings! And yet, the people remained in unbelief, and rejected the Son of God. He was beaten, tortured, flogged, crucified and killed. The cries which had been ‘Hosanna! Hosanna in the highest!’ became ‘Crucify! Crucify!!’ With that final closing, the archangel stooped his head and sat down. Tears rolled down his eyes as he recalled all he said and as he thought of all that happened to Jesus. Heaven was silent.

The Judge was quiet. Then, the voice that spoke the world into existence echoed throughout heaven, “I have reached my verdict”. If you and I were there that day, what do you think the verdict would have been?

Heaven was startled, shocked even, when the verdict was announced: The defendants were found NOT GUILTY. God then explained to his angels, His plan of love, that when He sent Jesus, all had been laid out that man might be redeemed through the sacrifice of the Son. That indeed, the blood of the Son was upon every member of the human race, all guilty of sin. The very Blood of Jesus that was spilled is now the key to redemption for mankind, washing them clean; as white as snow. But the story does not end there, Jesus Christ was resurrected three days after His death and victory was proclaimed over sin, death and hell. And now, there is salvation for mankind. The Greatest Crime of all became the Greatest Celebration and Victory of all!

I thank God that this trial came out like it was depicted. I thank God that while this trial was going on, God knew His plan and that the verdict did not come out otherwise. One shudders to think what God could have done should He find the human race guilty. With a wave of His hand or a snap of His fingers we could have just ceased to exist. I thank God for His love to me that He went through so much just for me. Every lash on His back was meant to be mine. Every drop of blood that was spilled was supposed to be mine. That death was supposed to be mine. Reading through the four gospels, I thank God so much, because that is all I will be able to do. Nothing will ever measure up to this price He paid for my sins. “But God demonstrates His own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us” (Romans 5:8).

Friend, if you were on trial, what would have been the verdict for you?

*This article has been about the Love of God through the death and resurrection of Jesus as seen in the four gospels of the New Testament.

I wrote this when I was attending the First Trimester of the Asian Institute of Ministry (AIM) way back in 1997! This was an assignment – essentially my term paper – for the New Testament Survey. I’m thankful my aunt (dad’s eldest sister) sponsored me for experience. It laid down the foundations for firm faith and firm friendships.

Copyright © AIM 1st Trimester 1997, Wong Giok Leigh. All Rights Reserved.


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